FireBrick (India)

FireBrick (India)


Pricing in India:


RRP for the FireBrick 2700 in "base" specification is Rs. 50,000 excluding tax.


RRP for the FireBrick 2700 in "fully loaded" specification is Rs. 75,000 excluding tax.

Internet Network Security Hardware Firewalls

Information security and maintaining a connection is vital in the modern world.

Accessing the internet and maintaining strong, reliable connections to customers, clients, and service providers is more important than ever. Software firewalls do not provide the quality, reliability, performance, and security your business needs.

FireBrick(India) can solve your problem.

  • Bricky gets a warm welcome in India!

    Bricky gets a warm welcome in India!

  • Bricky checks out some Indian stone bricks!

    Bricky checks out some Indian stone bricks!

Improving Internet Security in India

Two UK-based companies, Watchfront Ltd and Andrews and Arnold Ltd. Pooled their combined experience of hardware and software development to create FireBrick firewalls.

With superb user interface design and high-quality manufacturing, FireBrick products are of outstanding quality, reliability and performance.

Having sold their first firewall in 1998, FireBrick have successfully sold thousands more worldwide, providing sophisticated, highly flexible network products with a field-tested record for reliability and security to thousands of businesses around the world.

Dependable, capable, and cost effective, FireBrick has built a global reputation for high-performance network appliances. FireBrick(India) now brings that standard to businesses and secuirty-conscious users across India.

Built in the UK, FireBricks are and are easy to integrate into existing company networks.

The FB2700 is their entry into the India market:is available in different bundles to suit every need, and can be quickly upgraded.

Improve network security and internet speed and connection:

FireBrick (India) gives you products with many features which are in valuable to small businesses in India

FireBrick (India) introduce the FB2700: a hardware firewall/router perfect for small businesses and the security conscious. The FB2700 hardware firewall/routercan be configured to provide security and also to increase the speed and reliability of your internet connection.

The FB2700 is big and powerful with around 350Mb/s routing and 1Gb/s switching. This web security product has and 3G dongle support for mobile internet or DSL backup. The FB2700 can connect directly to a range of services such as Internet Leased Line(ILL), ADSL cable modems using PPPoE. A suitable modem is required for ADSL.

The main role of the FireBrick is as the gateway between your internet connection (ADSL router/modem, leased line, etc) and your local or office network. These firewall functions stop any unwanted direct connections in to your network.

In addition FB2700 can be "fully loaded" to add speed and reliability to your internet connection.

Basic and fully loaded :

The FB2700 comes in two models :


Includes firewall, router, VLAN support, VRRP, PPPoE for DSL/fibre internet links, DHCP server and client. Fully IPv6 support.


Includes bonding features (load sharing, and multiple line PPPoE, etc), FB105 tunnel protocol to allow VPNs to be created, BGP (limited table), L2TP server, and PPPoE server.

For a feel of how the FB2700 works, visit the FireBrick demonstration page.

What is "Fully Loaded"?

The FB2700 Fully Loaded specification is ideal for areas with low network speeds and/or situations where maintaining internet service is a priority. The FireBrick is configured to use two PPPoE modems connected to two different ADSL tail providers (for example one Airtel and one Tata line). This FB2700 Fully Loaded configuration means that two different ADSL lines are bonded together for speed and resilience. If one line fails, the other continues, and all that is noticeable is a drop in speed. Uplink bonding is done by the FB2700 and downlink bonding by the ISP.

In the event that both of the wired connections fail, the FB2700 allows your network to fall back to the USB 3G dongle to maintain the connection. T the FireBrick solution maintains the same blocks of IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6), tunnelled over the 3G link. Other solutions in the market tend to introduce NAT in this event and consequently change the public IP address, which can break some protocols and lead to drop-outs. The FB2700 Fully Loaded offers true continuity of service.

Much more than a firewall:

High speed routing, as well as bonding multiple high speed lines, suitable for Fibre to Cabinet and Fibre to Premises.

Easy remote diagnostic with a command line interface.

Port and IP mapping including basic NAT,in addition to mapping between IPv4 and IPv6 with ICMP and ICMPv6 handling.

Office network deployment of Ipv6 made simple, whether 6to4 (2002::) or tunnelled block from ISP or native IPv6

The latest internet protocols(IPV6) built in to the design from the start ,not as an afterthought.

Interface packet dump compatibility with tcpdump and wireshark.

DMZ and segregated network through miltiple VLAN operation.

Simple control of an office network with a powerful DHCP server as well as IPv6 route announcement.

Rules-based comprehensive firewalling using protocols, interfaces and ports, target and source.

Stateful session tracking fully ICMP and ICMPv6 aware

Built in simple web based config editor.

Syslog logging (windows servers are available) and SNMP monitoring

Powerful easy to use web interface

State/profile control system allows monitoring-based controlls of operations based on pings and times of day.

Scripted configuration with a complete XML based config file with published XSD schema

PPPoE client allowing use with ADSL and PPP bridge DSL routers and even optional PPP per packet bonding

Powerful optional features

Multiple line and fallback operation through bonding features (optional).

Industry standard Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) allowing multiple device fallback (optional).

Multi-homed installations routing features using BGP (optional).

Tunnelling features for L2TP, FireBrick 105 tunnels and later IPSec VPNs (optional).

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