Techblue has highly skilled professionals and we are delighted with their service level for providing us Linux related support for over 3 years now. We also had good experience when they recently provided us technical support in setting up the cloud based solutions.

- Neeraj Kumar, GM-Technology,
Thomson Digital

I am based in Brisbane Australia, and I had been looking locally and overseas, for technical support for my Ubuntu servers and found Techblue software via a Google search. After sending off a general enquiry, I was contacted quickly via email and an appointment was arranged for later in the day to speak with an engineer. We had a long conversation about my current and future requirements and I was impressed with their knowledge and suggestions. My experience dealing with Techblue has been more than I expected. The people I have dealt with are knowledgeable, friendly, diligent, professional and responsive. To date I have used Techblue for problem resolution, infrastructure planning, and assistance implementing a new backup server. I have not experienced any language issues and I find the support excellent and would highly recommended Techblue.

- Kerry Kilpatrick, Principal,
Internet Thinking

We are an Educational & Research Institute in New Delhi. We had given the contract for Linux support to M/S Techblue Software for our Mail server and Web server. More than 6 months have passed, M/S Techblue have been providing us very good Linux support for our Mail server and Web server. We found Techblue engineers to be very good and professional. When we send our requirements / complaints, these are very sincerely analyzed & resolved by them. We are satisfied with the services of M/S Techblue as they solve all the problems quickly.

- Ramesh Satija, Systems Analyst,
Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi

We are a small non-profit organisation working in a remote location in the Nilgiri hills of South India. We were struggling with an old Windows file server that was unreliable and with limited local tech support, we were unable to cope. Techblue offered to help us migrate our legacy Windows Server to an Ubuntu Server installation free of cost as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility commitment. Over the last few months we have worked with the Techblue team to complete our migration. We are grateful to the professional and competent team at Techblue who have been supportive and understanding of our challenges and put together open source solutions to meet our needs. Techblue has been a lifesaver for us. We are also trying out their HamaraLinux distro and it is quite impressive.

- T Balachander,
Keystone Foundation

Techblue is a leader in applying cloud orchestration like Juju to solve complex enterprise Java problems and dramatically improve time to market.

- Maarten Ectors, Strategy Director,

We went to TBL for assistance in setting up a private KVM cloud infrastructure as well as converting physical and VMware machines. The TBS team are knowledgeable, friendly and hardworking. They have managed to provide an infrastructure that fits our company's needs and I am very happy with the continual support supplied by them. I would recommend their KVM support to anyone who is looking for virtual infrastructure with reliable affordable support.

- Paul Malkowski, I.T. Manager,

ConnectUs Communications is a Unified Communication platform for Business buit on WebRTC. Several month ago we were in need of an IT Partner to help us with the hardware component of our new service. Our servers use the Ubuntu OS and we didn't have the technical expterise to handle the servers ourselves. TBS has been an excellent partner providing consulting, configuration support and overall IT services. there are professional, competent and willing to do what we ask of them. I give the very positive marks.

- Fred Clarke, President,
ConnectUs Communications

Right from the start, TBS impressed us with their efficient and professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. CodeBusters.es S.L. needed additional resources in various projects and by partnering with TBS, we have been able to give courses to the TBS staff in our specific development areas and then use these fully qualified resources in our client projects. Nice!

- Thorsten Scherler, Chief Executive Officer & Founder,

I came to the outsourcing team of TBS with the aim of overcoming the following business challenges - High Accountant fees in UK, Unstructured business processes, Requirement to expand resources on the bookkeeping front to name a few. It's safe to say that in the 2 years that I have been their client, they have managed to satisfy my needs as a client along with providing a professional level of service. Their bookkeeping tasks especially has been a life saver giving me the freedom to pass this service to my franchisees.

- Scott Rowlinson

The BPO division has been a life saver for me. Not only have I been able to cut costs, at the same time I have increased efficiencies and service to our clients. The team are well educated, hard working and diligent. There is open communication and the whole process is managed extremely well from start to finish. I will certainly be looking to expand my use of this division.

- Vidhur Mehra, Finance Director,
Benham & Reeves Residential Lettings

I've been really delighted with the way that Techblue have taken my enquiry about needing a website to the max. Their input re design and contents of the site have been invaluable and being able to reserve a table on line at our place has really added another dimension to our business. Their input and ideas have been spot on. Any enquiry I have or amendment to the site I need is dealt with quickly and efficiently, my dealings with TBS really have been hassle free. In essence I could not be happier.

- Mella,
  Eleven Restaurant