Techblue Software offers content managed websites that can help you maintain your own sites. With our solution you will be able to easily edit aspects of your website using an intuitive and secure web based interface. Further, you can add new pages and update the website with a simple text entry.

We are able to offer a full website solution including design, domain registration, hosting, support and implementation based on our clients needs.

Front-End Development directs us to the development of front view of the website which is seen and interacted directly by customers. Another term for Front End Development is Client-Side Development. The main purpose of working on Front End Development is to make a healthy relationship with the customer. Look and feel are the key terms for such development. At Techblue Software, we take care of the users in the market having various devices with different screen sizes and resolutions.

Open Source Platform Development directs us to the development of open source softwares. The source code is shared publically and hence is developed accordingly to the requirements. Techblue Software has worked on different Open source platform development. Our Indian Liferay Developers are expert in both standard and bespoke web development using Liferay, the powerful and feature rich open source Content Management System (CMS).