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Case Study - Ubuntu, Linux   IT Support
technologies: Ubuntu, Open Source



Migrating from Microsoft Windows to Ubuntu


Existing Situation

A major Indian courier and logistic company with offices located in the major metros of the country namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata had been using Windows XP. When they heard about official retirement of Windows XP, they decided to switch to Open Source and save money.


Problem Statement & Solution Offered

To save costs and improve security the company was planning to migrate all their systems from Windows XP to Open Source but they lacked the expertise. This is when they selected Techblue Software as their service provider. TBS performed an analysis and survey on all of the applications running on their desktops and also analysed all the devices attached to the machines. Based on the report a dependency list was prepared as to what needs to be installed and configured apart from the basic installation of the operating system. Each activity in the process was drilled down to mark necessary human tasks and automate all tasks wherever possible.


Achieved Business Goals

  • Microsoft Windows License Cost Savings
  • Microsoft Office License Cost Savings
  • Secure system
  • Anti virus License Cost Savings
  • Easy Installation
  • Performance Increase


To download the case study, click here.


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Proven results from global companies – read more about how our IT services, technology and
outsourcing expertise have benefited these companies.

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