e-Commerce is playing a significant role in the businesses these days.

Techblue Software is able to offer you an easy to use, customer friendly e-commerce solution that can either be a brand new design or can link into your existing website and branding. Our e-commerce sites can be integrated with any 3rd party payment gateways making it easy for you to make money like Paypal, Nochex, Worldpay and many more.

Avail the benefits as you go by having control on all the front end as well as back end features:

  • Have control on the admin area where you can add, edit, delete and update products and categories easily
  • Low operational costs
  • Powerful search facility
  • Mail confirmation of new customers and orders
  • Worldwide shipping and tax options
  • Ability to manage the content on pages
  • Ability to manage the content of static pages like about us, terms and condition, etc.
  • Ability to Add / modify / delete Manufacturer name, and Logo, which can be displayed on the product page
  • Ability to Add / modify / delete Categories, subcategories and related information
  • New Product Display Section: Shows newly added product randomly
  • Featured Product Display Section: Shows products marked by admin on a page
  • Ability to search products by Keyword
  • Generation of Various reports like, Most Viewed Products, Top orders by product, top sale by customers, etc.

and much more..

If you are looking for an online business presence 24 hours a day 7 days a week then give us a call now!