It is a open source relational database management System. Our user friendly support professionals are available 24*7 online to ensure that your MySQL installation is running optimally.

Our support professional will help you to

  • Increase your uptime
  • Be more productive
  • Implement resolutions to perform faster

Our support team is available 24x7 to provide support for MySQL and Version of MySQL


MySQL Consultancy

Our MySQL expert consultant can help you in critical MySQL deployments like

  • Architecture and design
  • Performance tuning
  • Back-up and recovery
  • Migration
  • High availability
  • Clustering

MySQL Performance Tuning

Our MySQL experts can do Performance Tuning with MySQL and MariaDB to

  • Diagnose existing performance problems
  • Improved database performance and resource management
  • Identify unknown performance problems
  • Configure, optimize and analyze storage engines
  • Review your operating environment and application infrastructure

MySQL Architecture & Design

Our MySQL experts can help you designing:

  • Online applications
  • Data warehousing, analytical reporting solutions
  • Data collection and auditing methods
  • Data search approaches
  • Large data stores
  • Data modelling and design
  • High availability architectures
  • Load balancing architectures

MySQL High Availability

  • MySQL high availability (HA) ensures that your MySQL database can survive a disaster and recover quickly without losing data. It also means that your MySQL-based application will meet your minimum performance requirements in normal operation.
  • Our expert team can help you analyze your business and application requirements and deploy a highly available MySQL solution for you in less than three days, be it onsite or remote.
  • Our consultants also work with MariaDB Server.
  • We use these technologies for MySQL High Availability:
    • MySQL Replication
    • Semi-sync Replication
    • MariaDB Galera Cluster
    • Galera Cluster
    • Master HA Tool with Multi-Tier Replication
    • MySQL Cluster
    • Linux Shared Storage
    • Linux Shared Storage + Replication

MySQL Cluster Consulting

Our MySQL Cluster experts will enable you to get the highest levels of scalability, availability, and performance from your MySQL Cluster installations.

Services includes:

  • Determining the most appropriate implementation, installation, and configuration of MySQL Cluster for your project and application
  • MySQL Cluster architecture and design
  • MySQL Cluster installation, configuration, and performance tuning
  • MySQL Cluster-specific data modelling and design
  • MySQL Cluster-specific routines and query optimization

MySQL Database Migration

Our Migration experts help you achieve the cost savings associated with replacing your commercial databases with MySQL or MariaDB

  • Migration analysis, cost evaluation and planning
  • Risk analysis and risk mitigation planning
  • Schema remodelling and migration
  • Data migration
  • Query analysis, migration and optimization
  • Analysis, migration, and optimization of stored routines and other database objects
  • Analysis and migration of client connectors
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