Linux Support and Consultancy Costs

  • Monitor and maintain your Linux server from as little as $33.25 USD per month.
  • Linux support and consultancy pre-booked bundles from as little as $24 USD per hour.
  • Project-based ad hoc rates from as little as $32 USD per hour.
See below for more details...

Linux Support: Annual Linux Server Maintenance

We provide essential monitoring and maintenance for your Linux server at great annual rates.

From only $33.25 USD per month per server, our annual expert Linux support rates are highly competative:

Annual Maintenance Charge Standard (USD$)/ INR Premium (USD$) / INR
1 Physical Server & 1 Virtual Guest 399 USD$ / INR 21,945 649 USD$ / INR 35,695
1 Physical Sever & 4 Virtual Guests 599 USD$ / INR 32,945 974 USD$ / INR 53,570
1 Physical Server & Unlimited Virtual Guests 999 USD$ / INR 54,945 1625 USD$ / INR 89,375

Linux Support & Consultancy: Pre-booked hours approach

RedHat Certified Enginers from as little as $24 USD per hour.

For the customer who wants to be prepared for every contingency, or anticipates a project requiring support of a particular size, we provide the option to pre-book hours in value-for-money bundles.

This approach establishes an ongoing relationship over the course of a project, with the benefit of regular reporting on hours spent.


eg. Level 1 support:

Bundle Size Bundle Cost Approx. Cost per hour
Small bundle = 5 hours 144 USD$ / INR 7,740 28.80 USD$ / INR 1,550
Large Bundle = 25 hours 640 USD$ / INR 34,400 25.60 USD$ / INR 1,375
Super Bundle = 50 hours 1,200 USD$ / INR 64,500 24.00 USD$ / INR 1,290
Contact Us for more information on pre-booked hour 'bundle' packages.

Linux Support & Consultancy: Pay as you go approach

Linux Experts on demand from $32 USD per hour.

For the customer who needs occasional support but it is unpredictable and seldom urgent.

Opportunities to provide feedback on the quality of services upon resolution of the incident.

Levels of Consultancy:

1st Level - installation, configuration like –Samba, NFS, FTP etc., administration in areas: Operating platforms.

2nd Level- Clustering, Virtualization, Identity management implementation, data installation

3rd Level - Migration planning, Conceptual design, Systems Architectural design, Consulting, Diagnostics and Forensic analysis.


Contact Techblue Software to get an estimate and a quotation for needed service.

Once you approve the quotation, we will generate a Work Order and schedule the task to the next available consultant.

Response time will depend on availability during regular business hours (9 am - 5 pm UET). Evening and weekend support will be charged at 1.5 times the prevailing rate, and holiday and after-midnight support will be charged at twice the prevailing rate.

On-premises support subject to arrangement.

Hardware and travel expenses (if any) are charged at cost.


Level 3 Support - Senior Analyst $62.50 USD / INR 3,600 per hour

Level 2 Support - Analyst $48 USD / INR 2,500 per hour

Level 1 Support - $32 USD / INR 1,700 per hour